PAVActually – Personal Assistant / Virtual Assistant resulting in a change of Lifestyle ….

We provide Office Support to Businesses that is Outsourced to us on a Virtual basis which is also known as a Virtual Assistant or working remotely.  However, we are also able to attend office premises within our vicinity when required.

Our Assistance is for Executives, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Consultants and Entrepreneurs so that they are able to focus on what they do well, i.e. meeting clients, networking, increase productivity and grow their business.

PAVActully Provide Specialist Help to businesses by utilising the latest techniques and online technology, enabling targets being achieved faster whilst being cost-effective.

Our Philosophy is that although businesses may be complex, we like to help make matters simple and at the same time we take the strain out of overwhelm.

Budget Features are that we work within your financial plans and time frame.  This also means that you pay only for the amount of hours/time required – whether it be 10 hours to over 65 hours per month.

It may be that you require support on an ad hoc / pay as you go basis or would prefer a retainer package that is far more cost-effective and reliable.

Bespoke Packages are designed to suit your needs and no matter how small or large your problem is, we will have a solution.

When you Partner with us you will Avoid the Usual Costly Overheads such as Office Space/Desks, Equipment, Vacation, Grievance, Sickness and Maternity Leave resulting in paying for temporary staff as well as your existing Permanent Employees.   Instead, you will be able to save money with an expert on board.

We Promise that your business will run far more smoothly if you choose to work with our Team.

Please see a list of some of our Services and find out more about how your Company can benefit from our innovative strategies and procedures, making your life fruitful.

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